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Young Mathematicians Conference 2018

Student Talks

Time:   Time allotted for a report talk is 20 min with about 5 min for questions. The time for a summary talk is 10 min with 2 minutes for questions. Organize and practice your talk so that you stay within these time constraints.

Please be ready to set up your equipment and material at least 10 minutes before the talk. Particularly between summary talks we may set up the following talk during the question period of the previous one.

Room Basics:   Each lecture room has a large blackboard, and at least one overhead projector for transparencies. A few spare transparencies and pens may be available but presenters are generally expected to provide their own tansparency supplies.

Projectors & Built-in Computers:   All lecture rooms are equipped with standard video data projection systems and built in computers (PC) suitable for computer presentations.

Media:   All built in computers have USB ports for Flash Drives. We may be able to provide support other storage media upon special request.

Internet:   The built in computers connect to the internet but require authentication by an OSU student or faculty with an OSU account. Additionally we will attempt to provide wireless guest accounts for all participants. However, we will not be able to provide support in case of difficulties with wireless connections.

Installed OSs and Software:   All of the rooms' built in computers are PCs running Windows. You can check the most currently installed software at the OSU-LIT Software Page.

If you wish to use the built in computers and have a preference regarding the OS or want to use a software applications that do not seem to be part of the basic installations please let us know so we can try to make respective arrangements.

Laptops:   If you plan to give a computer presentation you are strongly encouraged to bring your own laptop on which you have tested your presentation. Your laptop can be connected to the projection systme via standard VGA/RGB plug (VGA cables are provided). Laptops can also be connected to the internet via ethernet outlets in the rooms (requires OSU authentication by an organizer).

⇒⇒ If your laptop is a MAC make sure to bring any necessary MAC to VGA adapter cables with you. We cannot support every Apple video format.

We expect to have available back-up Windows laptops and data projectors. The laptops have CD Drives and USB Ports and carry standard applications such as PowerPoint, Acrobat, etc.

Questions/Compatibility:   In case you are uncertain about the compatibility of your file formats, software, or equipment with that in the lecture room it is highly recommended that you test your presentations in the breaks between the talks.

Please discuss any special, technical needs or questions with a conference organizers, if possible, before the conference.

Backups:   Electronic devices and connections have a propensity to fail just when you can least afford it. For this reasons we strongly recommend to have (multiple) back-ups of presentations on USB drives, CD's, external/web/mail servers, and/or printed transparencies. It is also advisable to have regular presentation files in PDF format to avoid missing font problems.

Poster Presentations

Formats:   We will provide wall space and easels for poster presentations. We can accommodate posters of dimension up to 3 by 4 ft. There will be a limited amount of other supplies such as foam boards, tacks, tapes etc.

If your poster is larger than 3'x4' or you have other technical needs for your poster preparation, please let us know.

Location:   The location for poster presentations is the main hallway in the basement of Scott Lab, just outside the conference presentation rooms. You should set up your poster on Saturday morning.

On Campus Reproduction:   If you would like to print your poster locally and professionally, try contacting Uniprint. The store is in walking distance of the Math Department and their phone number is (614) 292-2219. They are open Mon-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm.

Note, that the UniPrint store is not open on week-ends and may not be able to print orders immediately. Please plan and call ahead.

Safety:   None of the conference venues will be used by any other group during the conference. However, these rooms are publicly accessable and are not guarded. Therefore, if expensive equipment or items are part of your presentation, we recommend that you do not leave them unattended and ask an organizer to help store it in a safe place.

Conference rooms may also be locked in the evenings. Be aware that you may not be able to access your belongings if you leave them there.