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Frequently Asked Questions

Which travel expenses are reimbursed?
What do I need to do in order to get reimbursed?

Most questions on travel reimbursements should be answered on the Travel Reimbursement Policies page.

What technical equipment do the lecture rooms provide?
What should I be aware of in the preparation of my presentation?

Most technical questions regarding the presentations should be answered on the Information for Presenters page.

The project I want to present has been done with X student collaborators and they all want to join the presentation and come to the conference.

We will fund only one or two students per presentation - with the exception of 10min talks for which we will fund only one speaker. This means, every funded participant must be responsible for at least half of a presentation. Before applying please familiarize yourself with our policies in the Note on Joint Presentations.

I am a student and want to come, but my mentor will not. Can I apply?
I am a mentor, but have no students applying. Can I still apply?

All your applications are welcome and there are no a-priori constraints that students and mentors need to come together. In the past, typically only a quarter to a third of all invited student participants have come with their mentors. Mentors have almost always been accompanied by students of theirs. In the application and scheduling process we take into consideration (as best as we can) the fact that mentors and students applicants/participants may belong to the same research groups.

I will be graduating this year. Can I still apply for the conference?

Yes, you're still eligible to apply for a presentation and for funding. We tend to give preference, however, to underclassmen.

I have been working on a research project while still in high school/before entering college. Can I already apply for the conference?

We have funded and invited recent high school students in the past. We would thus encourage you to apply.

My collaborator and/or my mentor also wish to come to the conference.
Do we all need to complete the online application and confirmation/pre-registration forms jointly or separately?

  Mentors: The forms for applications and confirmations/pre-registration are separate for students are separate from those for mentors. Mentors apply and pre-register independently, whether they have one, several or no applying mentees.
  Applications of Students: As of 2006 all applications for YMC are by presentation. That is, one joint application has to be submitted for every presentation conforming to the conditions stated in Note on Joint Presentations. Make sure that you carefully communicate with your copresenter before submitting your application. In the application form you will also be asked to list mentors or collaborators, who may still apply for separate funding for an additional presentation.
  Confirmation/Pre-Registrations: All confirmation/pre-registration forms (sent with the invitation email) must be completed separately by each individual invitee. They will collect a variety of personal data such as travel schedule, lodging/dinner preferences, and presentation needs, and give another opportunity to update conference abstracts.
  Deadlines: Please observe the deadlines with all forms! Most deadlines for this conference are very close to the actual dates of the event so that there is not much leeway, and we often need to move on with the organization on the same day of the deadline.

Can I revise my title/abstract after submitting the application?
Can I revise my title/abstract after submitting the confirmation?
Can I include mathematical formulae in the abstract?

  After Application: YES, you and you co-presenter can still update your abstract in the confirmation/pre-registration form if and after you received an invitation. In the initial application a preliminary abstract is usually sufficient. There you can describe what other results you hope to achieve in the following weeks.
  After Confirmation/Pre-Registration: The short answer to the second question is NO: On the pre-registration/confirmation forms you (and your co-presenter) have ample opportunity to preview and carefully proof read your abstract. After that we will be very reluctant to make any changes since we will start producing the conference program in web, pdf and hard copy forms shortly after the pre-registration from a file data base that is rather tedious to access.
  LaTeX: The application and pre-registration forms allows abstract submissions in LaTeX code so that you can properly type set your mathematical formulae.

How do I get to Columbus?

Basic travel information into Columbus and to the OSU campus is contained in the Travel Information page. If invited, you will be asked to make your own travel arrangements. We will usually try to organize shuttle trips back to the airport on Sunday as well as shuttle trips between the department and hotel. Our ability to provide airport pick-ups will vary depending flight schedules and conference logistic. We may ask you to hire a taxi for the trip to your hotel when you arrive at Port-Columbus.

Where will I stay? Can I make my own hotel reservation?

Student and mentor participants will have paid for reservations at the hotel(s) of our choice. We will have two students share one double room, and provide single rooms for mentors. We try to accommodate the roommate preferences that you will be able to declare on the confirmation form.

In some exceptional cases we allow students or mentors to make their own hotel reservations. However, the payment of the hotel will not be automatic, and will have to be dealt with together with the other reimbursements after the conference. Moreover, even if the reservation is approved by us, we will only cover up to the rate that we pay for the lodging of the other participants.

What is the expected attire for presenter? Is there a dress code?

No, there is no dress code for the conference. If you are unsure what to wear, we recommend that you look at the way people dressed during previous conferences, e.g. on the 2005 and 2006 picture gallery page. Most students dress casually, and many wear the conference T-shirt. Keep in mind the main purpose of the event, namely to exchange mathematical ideas between young people. If your clothing is likely to distract from this purpose by being overly conspicuous or provocative you may want to rethink your choices.

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