YMC 2004
Plenary Speakers: Videos of Lectures
John H Conway
(Princeton University)
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Susan Goldstine
(St. Mary's College of Maryland)
Phyllotaxis, Dancing Elves,
and a Flower's View of  Euclid's Algorithm

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Mike Starbird
(University of Texas, Austin)
Fixed Points and Stormy Weather
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What else happened:  Talks, Posters, and Pictures

Dates: August 20-22
Location: Department of Mathematics
of The Ohio State University
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    The YMC 2004 is intended to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students around the country to present their independent research. Further it serves as a forum for faculty members who are involved in mentoring undergraduate research.

  Reimbursements for travel (and lodging) expenses for undergraduate participants who had been selected to give a presentation as well as for their accompanying mentors should be received by the end of October.
YMC 2004 is supported by the  OSU VIGRE Program of the NSF
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